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У вас є ідея, але немає команди? Знайдіть однодумців на нашій платформі! Центр підприємництва дає можливість крутій ідеї залучити якомога більше крутих людей.

UCU Center for Entrepreneurship


We are a newly established accelerator for startups and an educational platform for students and young entrepreneurs in Ukraine.


Developing, educating and connecting startup ecosystem players and entrepreneurs by ensuring qualified education programs and by running a network with global expertise and international contacts


Our goal is to give teams and students the tools and the knowledge to raise their startup literacy and as a result have a better chance to build a successful business as well as implement processes designed to develop new capabilities through a range of practical and inspirational training and support activities that will foster and realize tangible innovation outputs.



Acceleration program for social entrepreneurs

Acceleration program for social entrepreneurs

Accelerator for Social Enterprises – 6 training modules of 2 days at UCU from the best trainers in the field with paid housing, food and travel compensation; more than 30 hours of personal mentoring from successful social entrepreneurs and business development professionals; access to grant support for social enterprise development; the opportunity to participate in […]

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(Українська) Пре-акселерація від Center for Entrepreneurship – це перевірка технологічних ідей на життєздатність та подальше перетворення їх у продукти на ранній стадії за допомогою сучасних і простих інструментів.

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(Українська) Акселерація – навчальна програма для розвитку існуючих технологічних проектів, покликана вивести на новий рівень підприємництва команди, які знають точки болю своїх клієнтів та вже їх вирішують. Акселерація допоможе досвідченим командам підприємців удосконалити свій освітній продукт та масштабувати його на ринку.

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5 мотиваційних TED-доповідей для запуску свого генератора ідей

Передивившись більше 100 TED-доповідей підібрали для вас найбільш корисні для подолання прокрастинації, адже будь-яка криза це також і нові можливості! Фото: https://www.ted.com/talks/ 1. The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers (українські субтитри) https://www.ted.com/talks/adam_grant_the_surprising_habits_of_original_thinkers Організаційний психолог, письменник та дописувач New York Times Адам Грант після багатьох років вивчення динаміки успіху та продуктивності ділиться своїми відкриттями з іншими. Ви […]

Top 15 resources for startups

You have been dreaming of launching your own startup for a long time, but do not know how? We’ve put together resources for you to find investments, a team, create a site, monitor employee performance, and share stories of success and failure. Crowdfunding Kickstarter: All or Nothing https://www.kickstarter.com/ Cost of using: free registration, 5% fee […]

Books of the future. How a Lviv startup plans to change the book market

Every year  the number of audiobook listeners is increasing in the world. Thus, according to the data of the Pew Research Center, in 2018 this figure rose from 14% to 18% in the US, and 43% more audio books were sold in the UK compared to 2017. What is the situation in Ukraine? Here a […]

Go Global or Die: interview with co-founder of LearningPath startup

Taras Hakavchyn has been involved in educational activities and project management for about 10 years. Last year while talking with colleagues he noticed that in the IT market in Ukraine there is a problem of finding qualified personnel. Candidates do not fit the job description or are very difficult to find. Later, these problems became […]

This is (not) fail: Three stories of Ukrainian startups

Only 1 startup in 5 million reaches the unicorn status – a company worth at least $ 1 billion. Then why do other projects not “go off“? There are many factors, in particular,  experts at eu-startups.com. name the following: the absence of a business model, unskilled employees, poor marketing and a bad idea. Also, young projects […]

How to create successful projects on Kickstarter: Interview with CEO of OMNIA startup

Seven successful campaigns, more than $ 200,000 in investment and a team of five – Omnia startup from Odesa wins Kickstarter users. Their products include a 100-in-1 universal transformer dress and a recycled plastic travel dress. How to create a successful startup, why Kickstarter is a mini-version of big business and what to focus on […]


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Executive Director at Сenter for Entrepreneurship

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PR-manager of Center for Entrepreneurship, UCU

Sofiya Opatska


Vice-rector of UCU on scientific and pedagogical work, dean-founder of LvBS

Lyudmyla Kryzhanovska


fundraiser of LvBS


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