CfE UCU in Boston: new challenges and opportunities for early-stage startups

Center for Entrepreneurship UCU supports early-stage startups not only with training programs, but also tries to empower young teams to gain global experience, learn from the best, and get the right contacts.

That is why in May this year, the Center for Entrepreneurship UCU, with the support of Vera Trojan, Senior Managing Director at Wellington Management, one of the largest investment companies in the world, organized the New Venture Competition for young teams.

This competition was won by UCU students with their startup for fencers “Allez”, and this week they visited the United States with Executive Director at Сenter for Entrepreneurship Ivan Petrenko, including Boston, to share their experiences and plans with the Boston Friends of UCU, hosted by the Boston Committee of UCU friends and UCEF Boston.

Adrian Slywotzky, known futurist and business consultant, friend UCU, believes that it is extremely important to send young teams to the main cities where startups are created, particularly in the United States. We are proud of the Allez team’s progress and we are firmly convinced that we will continue to organize education and business tours for the best teams and continue to develop the startup ecosystem in Ukraine.